2014 San Diego State University Guest Artist at SDSU at Children’s Center San Diego, CA

2013 Scripps Memorial Hospital La Jolla, CA

2012 California Institute of Technology Linde Robinson Building Exterior Mural Pasadena, CA

2011 Solana Mar Salon Solana Beach, CA

2011 North Coast Repertory Theatre Solana Beach, CA

2010 The ‘C’ Gallery Los Alamos, CA

2010 Solana Mar Salon Solana Beach, CA

2009 Solana Mar Salon Solana Beach, CA

2001 Peter Grau Gallery Solana Beach, CA

2003 Aniata Cheese Co. Del Mar, CA

2004 Aniata Cheese Co. Del Mar, CA

2004 Ordover Gallery Solana Beach, CA

2004 Mixture San Diego, CA

2005 Solana Beach City Hall Solana Beach, CA

2005 Peter Grau Gallery Solana Beach, CA

2007 Judy Moffson Fine Art Gallery Solana Beach, CA

2009 Solana Mar Gallery Solana Beach, CA

2009 Benton Salon Solana Beach, CA

Private Collections

San Francisco, La Quinta, Del Mar, Solana Beach, Rancho Santa Fe, Coronado, San Diego, Laguna Nigel, La Jolla, Venice Beach, Baltimore MD, Florida, New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island


"I am inspired by everything I see" claims self-taught artist Judy Moffson. This artist finds the venue of contemporary painting "exhilarating in it's freedom". She always listens to music while she paints in her at-home studio and she paints at various times of day (or night if she cannot sleep!) Artist Judy Moffson wants people to feel good when they look at her work. She does not believe that she has to express heavy, dark or disturbing themes in order to be successful. In fact, many of her paintings appear to actually glow from within with a vibrant energy. She says, "You have to search inside and see what is in there." This artist sees beauty in everyday life and when asked how it makes her feel to be able to paint like this, she humbly replies, "It just makes me smile."

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