Judy MoffsonJudy Moffson has always been an artisit. She was a video producer for twelve years, winning several Telly Awards for her work, she was a jewelry designer, she had a clothing line of custom and ready to wear clothes, which were sold at boutiques in La Jolla and Del Mar, and she worked as an interior designer for restaurants, private homes, and was the designer of the lobby of the Fritz Theatre in downtown San Diego.

Judy painted as a child but stopped painting for forty years. At the urging of her husband, Allen Moffson, Judy picked up a paintbrush in 1997. An incredible profusion of work poured out. The artist calls her oil paintings "abstract impressionism". Many of her paintings consist of multiple layers of oil. She will often stop and let them dry before she can continue on many of her works one can actually feel the the layers of pigment. At times people ask if she is painting on wood or using some other media because her oils look so textured. She understands color, light and shadows. She has enslaved it! Her work always has a finished edge; her canvasses are entirely covered in pigment. Sometimes the edge of the canvas is an integral aspect of the overall painting, yet some of her contemporary oils look marvelous when framed in ornate gold gilded frames. Her paintings can be often hung four different ways, so she must sign these on the back and is happy to leave the interpretation of the work up to the viewer.

A collection is created around a particular theme, for example she has a "Submersion" collection in which all the paintings are a study of underwater life. One of her proudest moments occurred when a friend remarked that she felt seasick while looking at one of these "Submersion" paintings. Indeed, Judy has an uncanny talent for capturing energy on canvas, often depicting scenes which involve movement, such as spheres falling, a leopard prowling through the grass, or the feverish pitch of a circus. The viewer is invited to feel this movement with an exhilarating effect. Her paintings have an inner glow to them. They are uplifting and inspirational.

One collection of paintings that the artisit is currently working on is entitled the "African Collection". These works were all inspired by a trip that Judy and Allen took to Africa. While viewing some of these oils, the artist indicatied that the series was not finished. "I have much more to paint" the artist remarked and I could not help but feel grateful for that.

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